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Welcome to our local non-profit organization, where we prioritize personalized education for each child. We fill educational gaps by offering tailored opportunities for socialization, experiential learning, community building, and alternative learning environments. Serving Cowlitz County and beyond, we empower students to thrive on their unique educational journeys.

Wild School

Nature-immersive, child-led, educational experience!

Riverside STEAM Club

Parent-led co-op with custom classes tailored to your child's interests.
Raised Wild in Cowlitz County

No commitment park days and monthly field trips and/or adventure days​.

The Everyday Explorer's Challenge

Embracing the outdoors during each diverse season contributes to overall well-being and development in children and adults. It promotes physical health, builds resilience, and connects us with nature. The Everyday Explorer's Challenge encourages families to set goals, enhancing growth through friendly competition and supportive encouragement.


In our Everyday Explorer's Challenge, we provide monthly foraging ideas and season-specific challenges that offer ways to engage with their environment in different ways and keep the challenge fresh each month.


Embrace the motto "there's no bad weather, only bad clothing" and find tips for enjoying your time outside. Join our Everyday Explorer's Club for a year-round journey of outdoor exploration. 

All proceeds from product sales support the non-profit Brave at Heart Learning Connections, sustaining our Wild School nature co-op, Riverside STEAM Club, and other programs.

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